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  • Leonardo Casalini[OK]
  • I Musici del Gran Principe[OK]
  • Studio fisioterapico St. Lucia[OK]

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[1] This website



  • Next.js
  • React Three Fiber & vanilla Three
  • Lenis Scroll
  • GSAP
  • Adobe XD / Figma

Why not?

[2] Giordano Betti



  • Gatsby.js
  • GSAP
  • LocomotiveScroll
  • Adobe XD

[a] Reality

Giordano Betti, Filmmaker and Photographer based in Tuscany.

Born in 2001, he creates promotional videos, music, short films and focuses on quality and level results.

[b] The website

First approach to React development environment, with Gatsby.js framework. The site features page transition functions, preloader waiting for content to be loaded and scroll interaction.

[3] Leonardo Casalini



  • Plain javascript

[a] Reality

Leonardo Casalini, 7.7.1993, Tuscany.

His dreamlike and experimental work focuses on emotional investigation and conceptual analysis, according to a spiritual vision of image making.

His visuals are for/on AVAVAV, LUISAVIAROMA, Erika Cavallini, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Schön!, KALTBLUT, Contributor, The Kunst, CAP 74024.

[b] The website

Minimalism and elegance, a targeted aesthetic research that reflects Leonardo's style and artistic vision.

[4] I Musici del Gran Principe

Corporate site


  • Gatsby.js
  • GSAP

[a] Reality

From the legacy of the Gran Principe Ferdinando de’ Medici a team of young musicians was born with the aim of offering a new opportunity for investigation of the Baroque repertoire with particular attention to the Tuscan and French ones connected to the Medici dynasty.

[5] Studio fisioterapico St. Lucia

Business site


  • PHP

[a] Reality

Since the beginning of its activity, the studio has always stood out for the quality and variety of treatments available.

[b] Il sito

Simplicity and ease of use, quick and explanatory, easily accessible by all ages, representing the study in all its aspects.

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